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New Zippo’s and other items from Ebay

Bought through Ebay some nice Zippo’s :

and other items :

ZCA Swapmeet Austria

During the swapmeet in Austra I got some nice new Items :



New Old Ads

Today I added 20 new Old advertisings. Very beautifull Items.

New “Old Ads”

Added 9 new items in Old Adds.

New Arrivels 28 August 2014

Received some nice item the last weeks :

GLLC Membership and Swapmeet

New Zippo’s


New Documentation

Received some nice new Catalogs. I switched the Spanish for Benelux with Juanjo Moralis. Thanks for that. Also I bought the 1997 edition of the Zippo Executive Diary

New Old Advertisings August 2014

Just received ten old advertising and added them to the Old Ads page. They are very Nice.