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Hier staan alle nieuwe aankopen in vermeld

New Items September 2017

New aquiries september 2017. Bought from Brasershop in Bremerhaven and during the ‘My Zippo’ Swapmeet in Hamburg.

Sold two Mazzi lighters :

New Zippo’s August 2017

Most of these items are aquired during my trip to the USA this year. Please feel free to scroll down to see the stories of the GLLC Swapmeet and the 20th Anniversary of the Zippo Museum.


New Zippo’s


New Documentation





2016 New Zippo Material

New Zippo material 2016 Part 3



New Zippo Material 2016

To make the messages a bit shorter i split this update in different parts. This is Part 2.


New Zippo material 2016

As I took no time to update the site there was no update in 2016. I now am updating and will start with 2016. Part 1



Claudio had his 3rd meet in Germany and also celibrated his 20th anniversary.

And of course I prolonged my Membership in 2016 of the Zippo Club Italia

Special Brochure Zippos

2016 Special Edition

2016 Special Edition



The last new items from 2015

The last Zippo’s I bought in 2015. Probably the most beautifull items you can imagine.

See for yourself ……….

2015 Mazzi Seven Wonders Box

2015 Mazzi Seven Wonders Box

And some new documentation:


More new items

As you can see time flies. While the year ended ther was to much work to do so making a new item was delayed.

Well here are the last new items I bought during my Trip in the USA in July of 2015.

November 2015 New Hard Rock Cafe Zippo’s

Formerly I collected T-Shirts whenever I visited a Hard Rock Cafe.¬† As I had enough of them I turned over to Collecting HRC Zippo’s. I would like to limit this to only HRC’s I myself visited.

It started last Year when I visited Dubai. This Year I visited the USA and collected a lot more. Next to that I got a¬†present from my friend Bill Kolk. A HRC Cleveland Zippo. One I could not refuse of course…..



New Advertisings August 2015

Found old advertisings in different Antique stores and bought a serie from Camelman Len:

I am very happy with the 1937 Original Advertising of the Windproof Lighter :

1937 The Windproof Zippo

1937 The Windproof Zippo

New Documentation July 2015

Came upon some nice items during the GLLC meet in Bradford :

Zippo Executive Diaries

Zippo Books: “and you thought Zippo only made lighters !” Volume 1 and 2 signed by Michael Grimaldi.

Michael Grimaldi

Signing the books by Michael Grimaldi

Zippo Catalogs :

Sell sheets :

The new Zippo Car Statistics :

New 2015 Postcards :

Miscelaneous :