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Hier staan alle nieuwe aankopen in vermeld

New Zippo’s May 2015


It took me a while to update the website. But well here it is :

New Mazzi Zippo’s

New Membercard and Calender 2015 ZCI

D-Day Zippo’s

Miscellaneous Zippo’s


New Items December 2014

Zippo started a new Campaign : $3.00 rebate:

In 2012 Tarzan had his 100th Anniversary now there are three new Zippo’s:

The GLLC has his new Christmas lighter :

2014 GLLC X-Mas

Also the watch collection expanded : (With the last new watches it gives a nice picture) :

And from my dear friend Bill I got two License plates and the last mini Zippo catalog :


Membership Items from ZFD Germany :

New documentation :



New old Wick :




New Items November 2014

Thanks to my dear Friend Bill I got nice new items :

Zippo’s :

Zippo Watches :

Zippo Pens :



New Items October 2014

Received a nice package of Zippo Goods from a dear Friend out of America : David Walters.

20141 Gift David USA

20141 Gift David USA

Received some new Zippo’s

A new Rule :

Rule Henderson

Rule Henderson


And some documentation and a Zippo Collectors Case

Changes to the website

The last couple of days there have been some changes to the website.
I altered the menu on the documentation to prevent to many items. Pages have been combined to one. For instance “American catalogs” now contains the large, small and Choice catalogs.
So keep on wandering through the pages.

The pages “Other catalogs” and “Magazines” have been added.

New Zippo’s added :

Hollywood’s leading light” has been added with extra Zippo’s

Hollywood package

Hollywood package

New Items.

From Ebay and friends :

A collection that still had to be published is the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World:

New Zippo’s and other items from Ebay

Bought through Ebay some nice Zippo’s :

and other items :

ZCA Swapmeet Austria

During the swapmeet in Austra I got some nice new Items :



New Old Ads

Today I added 20 new Old advertisings. Very beautifull Items.

New “Old Ads”

Added 9 new items in Old Adds.